Family solving breastfeeding problems (with a little help):

Delayed milk coming in


What Parents Have to Say:

“My baby was born two weeks early by c-section, had jaundice and a tongue tie. So we had some problems to solve! Jan is a good listener and helped me set priorities and goals that fit with my life. I’m happy to be a breastfeeding mother!” Wendy, Durham, NC

“Working with Jan gave me the confidence to be the breastfeeding mother I wanted to be!” Shaniqua, Durham, NC

“Being a dad is a bigger job than I ever imagined. Learning to read my baby’s body language helped me give my wife the encouragement and support to keep breastfeeding our baby!” Sammy, Cary, NC

“Jan has a gift for supporting families in what can be a difficult time. Our newborn was not gaining enough weight or pooping a healthy amount. Jan helped us create a sustainable path forward with breastfeeding and supplementing that we felt good about. She was so patient, kind and knowledgable throughout the entire process. We are incredibly grateful.”  Emily, Durham, NC

“We are so thankful for how Jan helped us understand our baby’s cues. With her guidance, we were able to take measures to increase milk supply and make sure our baby was getting enough calories. More importantly, Jan reassured us that we were doing everything we could; she helped keep us sane during a somewhat challenging time. We would recommend her to anyone!” Ryan, Durham, NC

What Professionals Have to Say:

Indian Malay mom baby and me 2“The HUG captures important elements of the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS) and offers parents another way to understand their baby.” T. Berry Brazelton, Brazelton Touchpoints Institute, Boston

“Jan Tedder’s work takes us to where the baby is coming from, and enables us to better understand and hence communicate love and support to infants.” Miriam Labbok, Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute, UNC-Chapel Hill

“Jan’s work and her dynamic, innovative program presents facts, feelings and footholds for successful breastfeeding.” Barbara Hotelling, MSN, IBCLC. Former President of Lamaze and DONA International; Duke University School of Nursing Faculty