Online Lactation Resources:

CHUBBY BF DPVideos (Click links below):

Preparing to breastfeed-using hand expression (Full term and Pre-term)

Birth: The Baby Crawl

Hand Expression – Dr. Jane Morton

Hand Expression – Bolman 

How to latch your baby

Laid-back nursing

How to get a deeper latch

Baby-led, Mother-guided latching

Value of Skin-to-Skin Care after birth

Breast massage and hand expression

Treating a plugged duct

Choosing a breast pump

Paced bottle feeding and Another Paced bottle feeding video

Using a lactation aid with breastfeeding

Lip tie

What is tongue tie

Delay in milk coming in (A Family’s Story)

Oversupply (A Family’s Story)

Breast compression to increase milk flow for baby


Buying and Using a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)

Articles (Click links below):

Feeding Late Preterm Baby

Breastfeeding positions

“Fore” and “Hind” milk and Oversupply

Value of Donor Milk

How to position your baby on the breast

Drugs and breastfeeding

Benefits of breastfeeding

Handling and storage of breastmilk

Treating thrush in mother and baby 

Tongue tie

Inducing lactation

Returning to work as a breastfeeding mother

Impact of specific drugs on breastfeeding baby

Healing from a traumatic birth

How to use a Spectra pump

How to prepare formula (WHO)


Online Parenting Resources:

Videos (Click links below):

Bed-sharing controversy

Early brain development

Discipline and limit setting

Calming your crying baby

Articles (Click links below):

Growing Child

How infants sleep