Jan’s Parent Education Resources

Understanding and Caring for Your Newborn

Winner of National Health Information Award

Video includes:

  • Calm a fussy baby

  • Help baby sleep and eat well

  • Play with baby so she learns and grows


CLICK HERE for DVD format – $38; CLICK HERE for Streaming – $23;

CLICK HERE for Flash Drive with bonus Baby-Friendly information – $45

Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success E-Newsletter

Misunderstanding a baby’s behavior causes mothers to add formula, begin solids prematurely or giving up breastfeeding altogether. Based on this Roadmap, E-Newsletters teach parents how developmental surges change the eating and sleeping patterns of babies and give parents tips for managing these bumps along the road!

Fee: $25 for the year. CLICK HERE to begin receiving Newsletter at baby’s due date.

HUGs Around the World Lullabies

International Lullabies to Calm Babies, Promote Breastfeeding, and Empower Parents:

  • Inform and inspire parent and professionals

  • Demonstrate baby’s capabilities

  • Show engaging parent-video and stories


Click HERE to purchase HUGs Around the World DVD.