Chapel Hill/Durham Classes

Though these classes were developed for Chapel Hill OBGYN and Durham Women’s Clinic patients, other expectant parents from the community may attend when seats are available.

Breastfeeding 101

Most women now know that breastfeeding is best for the baby, the mother and the family. Nevertheless, research confirms that many women face unexpected challenges, do not find reliable information, cannot access needed help, and ultimately do not meet their breastfeeding goals. Fortunately, other studies show that evidence-based, prenatal education gives mothers and their partners the specific information, skills and confidence they need in order to be successful breastfeeding families.

This class reviews the benefits of breastfeeding, the production of breast milk, and actions mothers take to build up a robust milk supply. We explore how to position the baby at the breast and establish a good latch, how to identify early feeding cues and proof that baby is getting enough calories. In addition, we preview changes to expect as you, your baby and partner become a breastfeeding family. Finally, the class reviews when, and whom, to call if you have concerns so that you will meet your breastfeeding goals.

Those attending this class may access a FREE telephone lactation consultation after the birth of their baby. You will also receive a weekly HUG Your Baby E-Newsletter series, created by this instructor. Each of these twelve newsletters describes a baby’s development and changes in the breastfeeding experience (from birth to 3 months).

Here’s what a couple says about this breastfeeding class:

Newborn Care 101 Class

This class reviews the normal physique of a newborn and how to diaper and bathe your baby. Special attention is given to understanding a baby’s body language in order to know when your baby is over-stimulated, on the verge of a meltdown, or is transitioning to a different sleep cycle. Understanding this body language will help you prevent and solve problems around your baby’s eating, sleeping and crying. You will leave this class with confidence, skills and information to begin the journey of becoming a parent.

Fee: $40 per class – Partners come free!

Class Instructor: Jan Tedder, BSN, FNP, IBCLC

Jan Tedder has worked with pregnant and young families for decades as a family nurse practitioner and lactation consultant. She developed the award-winning HUG Your Baby program, an international organization that provides educational resources to parents and the professionals who serve birth, parenting and lactation patients. HUG Your Baby materials have been shared in 46 countries around the world. Jan is also a published author who has received numerous awards for her innovative work. Click here for her resumé.

Class dates for both Breastfeeding and Newborn Care classes: